Hi Guys,

Will AGI take all jobs that are currently done by humans? Maybe it will eliminate most jobs that don't have a technical background or most low-medium skilled jobs?

I am not talking about A.I as it is today or ASI but in the future lets say 2060

Or humans will be able to adapt to AGI and find new sorts of work in an emerging industry or re-skill and change their nature of their work or AGI may even complement humans but not replace them

Or AGI is over-hyped and it will only ever slightly increase unemployment rate from the current percentage now to 20%-40% worldwide

Or there will be a utopia in 2060 where people get a universal basic income and where people do whatever they want such as travel, gaming etc and let AGI take all the jobs and everyday will be like a weekend/public holiday.

Many Thanks

As was the case with manual labour, smart machines will increasingly offer better price/performance than humans over more and more activities, replace them, thus creating more unemployment. That will be true not just of existing jobs, but also any new jobs that the change creates.
In countries with an ethos of social social responsibilty (Sweden etc) the "utopia" is entirely possible.
In countires based on selfishness (USA etc) the wealthy who own the machines wil continue to keep all the gains for themselves regardless of the consequences for their fellow countrymen. Everybody else will either get a job providing personal services to the rich, or join the abandoned sub-class to survive as best they can on scavenging and crime. Is that pessimistic? I think not, it's already happening.

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