Can anyone help, I have managed to delete my calculator. I have an iMac and it runs on OS x 10.2. I have tried reinstalling the software, but to no avail. I had a look at 'Restore' and that is pretty scarry. The thought of losing everything on my computer is not an option, I haven't got any of it backed up. I know it's possible but don't know how, unlike with a PC you cant look at the directory of a disk, or can you?


FIRST, BACKUP your computer. Don't read my next set of thoughts. Get it backed up, and get a schedule together to plan for the future. Burn to a CD-ROM, or some floppies, or consider an online storage (I built a file server, but that is an advanced solution).

As far as where to find the calculator. Hmm. I am not certain how to go and re-install that one. I do know that it comes with every mac, so I could compress mine down and email it to you. We would not be voilating anything doing that. Or you can hit the net, and find a suitible replacement that might be freeware or shareware.

Let me know what you would like to do. And my first question will be.... did you make the backups yet?


You should be able to get the off your installer CDs/DVD without reinstalling by using Pacifist.

You should be able to get the off your installer CDs/DVD without reinstalling by using Pacifist.


Despite the fact I have now had my iMac for just over a year, I'm still not have no idea how it works or the terminology. I have the original disc which came with my iMac which has 'software Install and restore on it' I don't understand what Pacifist means.


I have never heard of Pacifist either.


I don't mean to sound insulting, but are you sure you deleted it? And have you checked the trash can to see if it's still in there? If it is you can drag it back out again good as new.

Pacifist (above) is a hyperlink to a utility called Pacifist, which can be used to open the installer packages (.pkg) on an installer CD. With it you can extract files from the packages for install. This is quite useful when you need to (re)install pieces/parts of the OS without having to go through the rigamarole of installing the whole OS, just for

Click on the link above and it will become more self-evident.

I would like to say a very big thank you for recommending Pacifist, everyone who has a Mac should have this piece of software.

I now have my 'Calculator' back, I happen to use this quite a bit, especially for converting currencies, downloading any old calculator wouldn't have done.

Someone asked if I had put my calculator in the trash bin, at some time I must have. But the calculator will still work if its in there, its not until you empty the trash bin, which I didn't check sort through first, that it vanishes altogether.

I'm am looking into Backing up my computer, it's mainly all my music I'm worried about, there's loads!! A friend has recommended a memory stick, which should do the job.

Have a look at the Pacifist though, absolutely excellent, you will wonder how you ever did without! I know have my 'calculator' back, thanks for your offer though.


You might get more milage out of an external hard drive and Carbon Copy Cloner as a back up solution.

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