This sounds awful but I've never ever done programming before in my life and I'm being forced to design 2 games (or applications maybe..) One is supposed to evaluate a maths expression (using composite design method whatever that is...) and the second is a simple Connect 4 game using either a text based (better for me I think ..) or a GUI...I have absolutely NO idea even where to I import Java library classes..if so which ones would help? I feel so stupid but I've been doing this for 3 weeks now and I'm still at a loss as to where to begin - if ANYONE could give me any starting points, websites, useful books etc that may help I would be supremely grateful!! :)

Thank you!

I hate to say this, but you can start by reading your textbook and paying attention in class. We have no idea what you are supposed to do either because you did not mention what computer language, operating system and/or compiler you are studying. Once you have figured that out then you should post your questions in the appropriate board.

This thread was moved to the Java Forum so no idea what it's doing here.

I do pay attention in 'Class'...*I'm a 24 year old HCC masters student* and I've read more textbooks than I care to remember but was simply asking for a bit of guideline as to where to begin as I assume a lot of the people on here are willing to assist learners and don't sit on their knowledge like a jealous dog in Manger. Enjoy your ego :)

This thread was moved to the Java Forum so no idea what it's doing here.

You should have received a PM from the moderator that moved this thread. If you did not, then most likely you posted it in the wrong board by mistake. If that is the case then we will be happy to move it to that board -- just ask.

I've never ever done programming before in my life

You might buy an Introduction to <whatever language you want to use> book that will show you the basics of that language. I don't know the first thing about java so I will be of no use to you, but there are a lot of others who can answer specific questions about the language.

You were just asked to specify your requirements in a more specific manner and what you do is start a fight about ego.

Judging from your reply, its "you" has got a lot of ego coz instead of clarifyign the situation you just act like a kid and blame the moderators who try to help you out.