Hello all! This is my first time posting in any of the forums so I hope I am in the right forum for my question...If not, someone please direct me to the right forum. Thanks in advance!

OK here is my situation...I am in a Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms and Logic class. So far I have an A (five weeks into a nine week class:cheesy: ) I have an assignment that is due this evening. I feel ok about it but need some reassurance. If someone could look this over and let me know what you think it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!


Input a list of employee names and salaries, and determine the mean (average) salary as well as the number of salaries above and below the mean.


Declare Names[100], Salaries[100]
Set Sum = 0
Set Count1 = 0
Set K = 1
Write “Enter Employees Name and Salary.”
Write “Enter *,0 when done.”
Input Name, Salary
While Salary <> “0”
Set Count1 = Count1 + 1
Set Sum = Sum + Salary
Write “Enter another Employee Name and Salary (enter *,0 when done)”
Input Name, Salary
End While
Set Average = Sum / Count1
Set Count2 = 0
Set Count3 = 0
For K = 1 Step 1 to Count1
If Salary[K] > Average Then
Set Count2 = Count2 + 1
End If
If Salary[K] < Average Then
Set Count3 = Count3 + 1
End If
End For
Write “The Average Salary is: $”, Average
Write “The number of Salaries Above the Average Salary is:”, Count2
Write “The number of Salaries Below the Average Salary is:”, Count3

I glanced over you code, and it looks alright. Just to let you know that this forum is not the right place to post your question... however we'll cut you lots of slack since you're a newbie. Next time you need to post a question like this, put it in the Computer Science and Software Design forum.


Thanks so much, for both, looking over my work and for helping me find the corrent forum to post these types of questions in...this will never happen again. Thanks again!

who to find largest value of an array that we entered(in pseudocode)

who to find largest value of an array that we entered(in pseudocode)

Who? Well, the obvious answer is you. If you are having trouble, post what you have so far in a new thread and ask specific questions about it.

Great coding here. job well done. do you have Mr. huang?