we have our final year degree projects starting studying computer applications, im competent in languages vb6, asp, sql, html, CSS, java sript.

for my project im thinking of doing an e commerce website, for a paper merchants company, they sell and deliver paper to schools nation wide, the website will allow the school ordering department to log into their account, to access previous order details, status of an order, and to make new or repeat orders. this bit would be easy and would save the company money by having less need for telephone operators as orders would come from the website. An SQL database back end with an ASP front end would work well. im not sure if this would be challenging enough for a final year project.

I propose we add the other side of the company to the same site, the company also stock home and office stationary, small items that can easily be shipped to home and company addresses. This is where credit cards can be used for purchases, the problem is would i be able to use a third party credit card processing company and cart system in my student project, or would i have to build the cart my self but still who processes the card.

if anyone as come across these probelms before and has a workable way around please please help

time is of the essence

kind regards


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