hey guys my first post! lol, im kinda deseperate, i have to handout a work on wednesday, its about a simulation of a multiplication in a truth table, this multiplicator must multiply 2 entrances of 2 bits each one and the result must be 4 bits and i need:

1- table of truth
2- using the product sum i must obtain the ecuations for the 4 exits and simplified them and i must include the Karnaugh maps

please someone help me!!

I don't understand what the problem is. Do you understand the words you are using in the sentences you've written?

sorry bro, i translated spanish- english... i know my english sucks, let me explain it more detailed:

the problem is the following, i need to make a simulated circuit in workbench, the only thing that the circuit does is multiply 2 numbers of 2 bits each( represented by a1, a0), the result must be 4 bits(m3,m2,m1,m0).

i need to elaborate
-truth table
-using the products of the sum, obtain the equations for the four ends and simplified them , and include the karnaugh maps.
then make it in workbench and test of the result is correct.

i hope u guys understand what i need.. fuck really hate language barrier :s !