yeah i have thought of just making a full blown language i havent thought of the compiler options and i figured i should study up on how they make things like c++ so i recruited my bro who knows a little more about programming than me.

i to want to make my own computer programing language. it basically is html but wen u input the code into where u r trying to use it, instead of saving changes and then coming back to the editor page and seeing this whole huge paragraph of codes, u see but one simple word, 2ghtml. and the code still works on the page that u just edited. i would call it "2ghtml". does anyone know anywhere where i can do this?

Please, write your question in better way as I didn't understand you...

I think the OP is trying to do something that is way over his head right now.

HTML is a markup language. Your web browser or IDE (or both) must know how to read and display it to use it.

It also sounds to me like you are trying to do something fancy with the development environment, which has nothing to do with the language itself but rather to do with modifying the tools that edit and/or display the markup.

For a beginning project you've skipped the ground floor and taken the elevator straight to the 80th...