I have developed an access database for my company and want this to be available to multiple users remotely from different offices. I have been told that i need to migrate to MS SQL Server. Is this the case?? If so how do i do it? If not what do i need to do?

if you've created tables in access, and you've spent time creating queries and based the forms on those queries... you can still use sql server.
on the server that is running ms sql server, create a new data base. then, one at a time, create all your tables exactly (as best you can) in the new sql server database.
back on your pc, open access, then your access db.
file, get external data, link tables, odbc databases.
new... and follow the wizard to create a new odbc connection.

if you later have connection issues, deal with them here:
tools, database utilities, linked tables manager.

alright. now the scary part. point all your queries to the tables that you've just linked.

o, carp, forgot to mention: either export your data from access to sql or vice versa.
and, field types are not quite exactly the same.

anyway, let us know.

use the "upsizing wizard" in access and download a good sql server tutorial from microsoft. Its not as diff as you may think. Could write all the queries in access.

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