Hi guys,

I'm fairly new to MS Access and I am running Ver.2003.

I have a problem with comparing a Excel speadsheet with an Access DB.

The result I require is as follows....

If field 'Last' and ID Num in Excel speadsheet matches 'Last' and EmpID in Access DB then place 'Y' in MBR field ( 1st field) in Excel speadsheet else 'N'

The 'Y' and 'N' can be a numeric if this is easier and I could then change the numeric to a alpha 'Y' or 'N' later.

If anyone can help me I would be extremely grateful.



This might work better if you export the Access table as an Excel spreadsheet, then add it to your existing Excel spreadsheet as another sheet tab.

You can use quoted strings in both the condition and the results in if functions in Excel. Examples:



Thanks, but the Access database is the final "working database' and is to large as well.
I am attempting to set the Excel Worksheet then converting to a 2nd database that will be a reflection of the first.