I have a poor background in database design. i have only heard of distributed database once now i am meant to write a project on it(managing distributed database system) and also to create a sample application that manages a database for an organisation with distributed branches (making use of distributed database management system).
pls any one who can help on that topic should know i'll really apprecite any help as i now have little refrences for the topic and i dont know how to use either MySQL or SQL server to design a distributed database.

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Check out replication... this will accomplish what you need on the database side. Potentially clustering can help as well if this is a heavy load project in any geographic location... nothing to hard to understand/accomplish.

In terms of design, you should brush up on that before writing a large scale ap... bad database design can really cripple a system!


As you said, you are going to design a database for organization. it is necessary for you to understand the basic conecpt of databases also of distributed databases. there are many books and most imporant for you to understan the basic of distribued database, you must read the book of

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