Dear all site members,
my hosting provider says that there are SQL queries running from
my i.p address (I am renting a dedicated server, if it matters to the question)
to another i.p address on their network.

Basically, something on my server is connecting to a MySql database
on a different server (or i.p address).

My application code specifies 'localhost' when connecting to MySql,
there is nowhere in my code where an i.p address is specified.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

If it is an external hacker, how could it done?



If this is not your application then it should be some person whether it is you, your co-worker or some hacker. As a first step, install a firewall on your dedicated server (apf is very good if you are on Linux) and allow access from some IPs (e.g. from office, home).

Hope this should make a difference.

You can do one more thing, find all the instances of mysql_connect in your application code and confirm you are not using an IP.