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A publishing firm that consists of twenty five employees utilizes a Microsoft Access database system to store and process requests related to their business transactions and operational data such as product sales and customer information. Over the last five years the firm has experienced tremendous growth; as a result, the firm is experiencing very slow performance issues in its database system. Recommend the services of a local consulting service that can come in and advise the firm on how best to improve performance issues. Briefly explain (500 words or more) the expertise of this consulting firm in the area of database system performance tuning and the firm's experience with Microsoft products. Based on the knowledge you have acquired from Chapter 11 (Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management), what do you expect some of their recommendations to be?

if you can't help then don't write. thank you.

Chapter 11 of which book, nice homework,
1.Normalize the tables
2. Purge old, useless data
3. Switch to Oracle.

Didn't you get already advice to read forum rules in here? Also you been asked to come back when you have specific question not whole task which you did not even touch since the previous post! That is not nice!
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