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Requirement is - There is online Form with lot instructions and also user inputs values and there is also a row column intersection values also to be stored.

Eg - Name, details1, instruction1, instruction2 - There are having singular values.

Other - Prospective loss - Here the user will enter in Amount1, amount2, amount 3 for the same item.

Further the user has to print the entire form with same text of UI in pdf/excel.

How to design db for picking up label and its corresponding values from backend.

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What have you got so far?

This is more of html question, but here you go...
Most of html tags can use ID or NAME to store identifications that can be read and sent with form for processing such as

<input type="radio" id="sex" name="sex" value="male"> Male
<input type="radio" id="sex" name="sex" value="female"> Female

Combined with PHP/JSP/ASP you can find out which value belongs to which element