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We have many test artifacts and each unit is known as Unit Under Test (UUT). Each UUT is unique entity so it can be considered as a Primary Key.

Also there are various defect categories (viz. CAT-I,CAT-II). Moreover each Category can be broken down into exact defect name. so CAT-I would have a table of its own having the IDs for each of the exact defect. Similarly for CAT-II

Now each UUT can have multiple defects associated with it. e.g. UUT1 has a defect in CAT-I and two defects from CAT-II.

Now even if I have a foreign key I am not able to associate multiple defects to one UUT in form of a table. Can anyone suggest a good schema so that I can be able to associate a UUT to multiple defects.

I want to have the facility of bi-directional search like...I should be able to search what are the defects and what category in a UUT. Conversely I should also be able to find a defect exists in which UUTs.

Kindly guide me on this aspect. I had thought of a junction table with a many-to-many relationship but still I am not able to associate a single UUT to multiple Categories and the defect names inside each category.

I hope I could explain things properly.

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you may specify your tables and key firstly, so we get able to check it and hopefully spy out some mistakes.



The table design and relationship is not frozen as of till now. I thought it would be better to actually form a schema first and then go ahead designing the tables, keys and the respective relationships.

For this only I need some help.

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