I've about given up on my previous problem. I was beginning to think it'll be easier to do simply by dropping the user, then recreating it with the appropriate privileges next time around. Only, when I tried (as the superuser, no less) to drop the problem user, I got the following:

mysql> drop user 'dtuser'@'10.%';
ERROR 1268 (HY000): Can't drop one or more of the requested users

Anyone have any clue a)what the error means beyond the obvious, and b) why I wasn't allowed to drop the user?

Edit: I did make a couple of changes to a set of user lines in mysql.user [Update_priv] and [Alter_priv], but I then changed them back to what they were before. Could this have anything to do with the reason I cannot delete the dtuser user?

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if you're talking about db user, try revoking all the priveleges first and then drop the user.

and if you are talking about mysql useline, if you have access, try rebooting the sql server and try it again.

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