Hi. Can anyone tell me how to find and install IIS? I need it for developing my mobile application with SQL Server Mobile and create a database. Or if you have any suggestions... Do you know any other way on connecting from mobile applications to databases (other than MS SQL) that won't need IIS?? I'm really having a hard time looking for this component and I have yet to find it.

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You can install IIS in Windows XP from Control Panel (select Add or Remove Programs >> Add/Remove Windows Components and make selection of IIS, default seting would be OK. You will need XP instalation CD), but there is no official support for XP Home also there are no download links for IIS. Here is official link from Microsoft on How to on Vista

PS: Are you Westminster Uni student by any chance? Just curious as I seen other your's questions on the forum...


I've tried that Control Panel installation instruction however, I can't seem to find IIS in the selection, but I'm certainly using Windows XP PRO SP2.

About your question. Nope. I am in another university somewhere here in South East Asia. And I'm honestly quite new to every question I'm asking since I have just tried developing my first mobile application for our dissertation. :) Anyways, why'd you ask?


Just curious as where you may be studing, and also sometimes I get accross same university students as me. In regards of IIS are you sure you looking in right place? See my attachment for what you should see if you wish to add new components to windows that are not part of default OS instalation

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Oh my... MY BAD. I finally found it. You're right, I'm looking at the wrong place. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! You've been a great help!!! :D

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