"You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near."

Now this is a really stupid error. (yes that sums up the error S T U P I D)

I am making an update to columns via stored variables.


"UPDATE table SET a = a + $a, b = b + $b, c = c + $c, d = d + $d, e = e + $e"

Note: This goes on for at least 10 columns not 5 like I have here

Now as im tryign to debug the error I cut out the C/D variables and it works! (It also works if I just change $c/$d to 0/0)

Anyways this is utterly stupid and dont know why this is happening...
I have been on this for days and days and refused to show anyone this stupid error for fear oh my own stupidity but oh well :(

Anyways any help?

Thanks, Regards X

What's the structure of the table ?

Did you echo the query? You might be missing values for $c/$d.

Field Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra Action
a int(2) Yes 0

they all have the same structure, thats copied and pasted straight from phpMyAdmin.

But like I said I dont understand why they work on one column and not the other.

Ill test the missing values theory, but I very much doubt that is the problem as if there was no value in $a/b there would be no error.


See the missing values theory was wrong, but it lead me to go test the variables throughly and i solved it. Thanks!

In short said the variable had the wrong value (which it did not but anyways...) so I gave them all a default value of 0 at the start and override them with the real value and its working for the time being!