Hi folks,
I want to access Oracle 9i table "emp" in Java...
I do not know what driver to use ..
The name of the Oracle database under which "emp" falls is "Oracledb"
I do not know what the connection string is?
Pls help...

Some Java-Oracle examples

Oracle9i extends proxy authentication to include additional credential proxy of either the Distinguished Name (DN) or full X.509 certificate to the database. This provides strong, multitier security by enabling an SSL credential--an X.509 certificate or DN--to be passed to the database for purpose of identifying (but not authenticating) the user. (SSL cannot be used to authenticate a user through multiple tiers, because it is a point-to-point protocol rather than an end-to-end protocol.) For example, a user can authenticate to a middle tier using SSL, the middle tier can extract the DN from the certificate and pass it (or the full certificate) to the database. As an additional benefit, the DN or certificate is available in the lightweight session and the elements contained therein can be used with Virtual Private Database to limit access. For example, an organization could restrict data access based on the Organizational Unit (OU) element in a user certificate presented to the database.

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