I have an issues form in a database (MS Daily log) and when you fill in the form it save the data into an issues table. Everytime you do this it gives each issue an ID number (auto number).
Basically I want to fill in the form then before clicking next I would put another button on the form and when clicked it copied the data I just added to a table in another database (Helpdesk Log). The I can click next and goto the next record and carry on.

Any ideas please as its driving me mad.



why not use a trigger?

how do you mean?

it is kind of. I dont want every entry I make into the form to be copied across to 2 databases. I want it so that I can choose after I fill in the form whether I want to copy to to the other database or not. Thanks

ok then, what are you having trouble with and what language is your form in?

the form is just an access form and im doing the whole database in access 2003.
Does my first post above help?

i would suggest to post in the access forum then

also what trouble are you having? you can't insert into your database then another database as well?

I can insert into the database the form is on but its the copying that record then to the other database

Hi all ,

i need help transfer data from one database to another databse, by using query in application. help me here to solve this problem


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