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I am new to sql programming, How can we copy a database from a local system to server?

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I didn't understand you, what you mean by "copying database" is to copy its data or copy the files?
If you need to copy its data right click on the database->All tasks->Copy database
If you need to copy its files to move it to another machine; right click on the database->All tasks->detach
then copy physical database files from its location on existing machine then paste them to the another machine (the server in your case) then right click on databases->attach database->select it from its location

Thanks for your reply and i have copied the database by right clicking on the database we have Export Data but i have copied the table to the master database.
Is there any problem if i put my table in master dB?

I think there's no problem but Master database has another usage by SQL Server itself, first create another database and copy your data into instead of Master database.

ok Thank u for your reply I wil make the necessary changes

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I think that it needs to be pointed out here that the MASTER database should NEVER be used to hold user entities. Niether sould ANY of the other SYSTEM databases (MSDB, TEMPDB).

MS often changes items within the system databases and would not hesitate to overwrite (or more likely crash on) user entities which have been placed in these DB's.

ALWAYS create you own database for your own use. However you move the DB's from User Aceptance etc to LIVE / Production (and there are numerous ways to do this.)

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