I am currently trying to develop my system that would send an email reminder to a user when the deadline for a particular matter is approaching. I did a bit of a research online and I realised that I will need to do some sort of a cron job. However, speaking to my mentor, he told me that I could do some sort of a task scheduling in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that would automatically cause a trigger at a specific time or at a period of time.

I've tried Googling it up but yet, I am left confused and stuck. Can anyone enlighten me with some information regarding this problem that I am facing now? Btw, I am using ASP.NET and MS SQL 2005 Express Edition.

Thanks in advance and really appreciate those who is able to help me.

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Here's a simple scenario:

Users are required to fill up a certain type of questionnaire which has a deadline that is set by an administrator. Take for example the deadline is 31st January 2009. The system would do a daily task which is to check which questionnaire has not been attempted. It will then send email reminders to those users who have, say 5 more days, till the deadline is approaching.

I have managed to set up my code so that it is able to send mails but the problem that I have is the automated task that the system is required to check everyday. I hope that these information is enough. Thank you very much.

RamyMahrous: The point that I want to know is whether is it possible to do some sort of an automated task just like what I have mentioned in the scenario above.

P/S: I am very new with SQL Server


The system would do a daily task which is to check which questionnaire has not been attempted.

You can use ASP.NET cache to make it every 24 hours check the database and if there's just 5 days, send reminder, it's not hard but need you to know some idea about ASP.NET caching so I highly prefer to you send this question in ASP.NET forum, believe me your thread will be solved immediately.

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