Hi, I am wondering is there a solution to do this type of problem.

I would want to release a list of queries that only show only orders that does not match each other.

For a order to match it will be companyname from different hiddenkey are the same and all logos of a hiddenkey match the other hiddenkey.

I am not good with sql commands. so I not sure is there a way to do a filter like that

SELECT * FROM `ordermain`,`orderlogos` WHERE `ordermain`.`hiddenkey` = `orderlogos`.`hiddenkey` AND `ordermain`.`orderstatus` = 'Order Completed' AND `ordermain`.`potentialrepeatstatus` != 'Never' GROUP BY `ordermain`.`hiddenkey`

however now i still need to get group by to also group the orderlogos.filename and orderlogos.dstfilename

It seems like if i do comas to group by it doesnt filter 3 times. it makes a fitler of all 3 together is unique by I want 3 groups of uniques