Hi - relatively new to MySQL & still coming to grips with its permissions system. Probably a slightly noob question - hope you don't mind! (should be easy then?) :)

1) I want to set up a standard set of records in my database (DB) with values that ALL users can use to populate their records.
2) I have used a program to generate the DB in MySQL & a web front end to access it. It has also set up the DB to create user accounts with different levels of editing/viewing etc. privileges.
I have an Admin user (can insert/edit/view.delete everything) and a standard user (can insert/edit/view.delete everything within their "group" as defined by the program)
3) I used SQL inserts in phpMyAdmin to create the values as per my requirements in point (1)

The records inserted into the DB only can be seen by the Admin level user. The standard user with "group" privileges cannot see this. :-/
I do need to have "group" privileges in the DB so that only those within a group of users can insert/edit/delete/view each other's records.
However, I would also like to avoid forcing all users to end up having to manually enter in the generic information as stated in point (1) above.

How do I keep the records of a group within the group but define a set of records which EVERY user can access?

Thanks for reading this far, thinking it over and (hopefully a speedy) reply!


You can assign only access privilege to the standard set of records (I assume they are in a separate table) to the group. So that they can certainly generate other records using values from the standard records but not edit/delete them in anyway.

Thanks for reply! Been working on this so got the solution which is matching yours.


If that solves the query mark the thread as solved so that people are aware of the fact and do not post anymore on this thread. Else we do have a lot of old threads revived unnecessarily.