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Hi everyone,

I have heard about this bunch of undergraduate guys somewhere in U.S that are trying to deprecate the SMTP and its related RFC protocols. They apparently are trying to use something called data streams.

I not very sure how they work but they seem to be in the form of binary streams with html data that are very easy to implement thus creating an entire stream of data with preset headers or even user defined headers. They want to use this method of of data trasmission to make things easier as well as create a more well oiled and sophisticated way of doing things. The streams seem to support only C/C++, JAVA, HTML and PASCAL at the moment

This project just only started in March 2005 but it seems to have a lot of promise unless of course someone comes up with the way to this data streams first ---- If you know what i mean

Well let's see what happens in future about this project and as we all know history is made not in laboratories but in the garage of some engineer

Richard West

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