Hello I am having a problem with a program called rhapsody (a music downloader). When i initiate the install, a message comes up that says i am running windows 95 and the setup will now exit. I am definetly not running that though, i have windows XP home. Other programs have given me similar version notices that are incorrect, but the specifics i dont recall. Can anyone help?

did you upgrade to xp home from win 95?

Are you using any kinda firewalls ?? some firewalls allow stealth mode browsing .. so the websites cant see what version of browser or OS are you running ... check for that.

No i bought this computer with XP home on it, I tried turning off the firewall to no avail.

Any Ideas Anyone?!?!

Two more programs that give me A similar message (ie "this program will only run on windows 98 or later) are Netscape 8.0 installer and Norton IP tracker CAN ANYONE HELP?!?! :rolleyes:

Come on! anyone! honestly even a "nope sorry cant help" to at least let me know im alive?!?! lol can anyone help this dilemma?? :evil:

It's possible that Compatibility mode is set to run in Windows 95 emulation for these programs. Right click the program's exe and choose properties. Click the compatibility tab. Uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode ". Try running the program again.

No, the norton ip tracker is actually run from a website, and the installer is not set to compatability

Disable every norton product you may be running.

This is frustrating, No one has any idea what could be wrong?

No clue, if you are really running windows xp then it shouldn't be an issue, IIRC Raposody is that program from real networks right? they should have customer support as it is a paid to download program no?

Negative, the rhapsody i was trying to install was free. And its troubling that this question has people stumped. :-|

What are you using as your browser?

I use netscape 7.1 (which i cant upgrade because it wont let me ,see above)


Is this problem unsolvable? Its driving me bananas!

Bump.... :sad:

Ok well thanks to everyone who tried to help. im going to label this as unsolvable, so yeah im giving up. Mod please close thread

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