I have three MS SQL 2000 Servers distributed as follows: (img

Server 1:

OS: Windows 2003 SE
DB: MS SQL 2000 Server SE
MS SQL Replication: Publisher
Source DB: Northwind

Server 2:

Name: WEB
OS: Windows 2000 Server SE
DB: MS SQL 2000 Server SE
MS SQL Replication: Subscriber
Destination DB: TEST

Server 3:

OS: Windows 2003 Advance Server
DB: MS SQL 2000 Server SE
MS SQL Replication: Subscriber
Destination DB: ABC

JBCB_SRV1 is running on Windows 2003 Server and MS SQL 2000 server, is the replication server configured as Publisher. WEB is running on Windows 2000 Server and MS SQL 2000 Server configured as subscriber. It has been running for last 3-4 years without a problem.

WEB server hardware is very old, so we want to replace the old server with a new one. So we stopped and disabled the replication between JBCB_SRV1 and WEB. Then we configured a new replication between JBCB_SRV1 and INTERNETSRV ( Of course, we registered the INTERNETSRV server using “sa” user with INTERNETSRV sa’s password. As soon as the replication starts it gives the following error:

Full message: Login failed for user ‘SA’. Reason not associated with a trusted SQL server connection.

All SQL agents are running on all the servers.

When we switch back the replication between JBCBSRV1 and WEB it works fine.

Can you please help solving the problem?


Faruque Alam

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It sounds like your password is incorrect for the sa account. Can you login with the sa account using the "Query Analyzer" or the other "Database Manager" application? I forget the name of it in SQL2000, they renamed it in SQL2005 :P


"Query Analyzer" connects with sa and password.
Tried with "sa" and blank password and "sa" with password. It gave same error.

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