Hello I'm designing a database for my Computing Science department and I am having some trouble with the ER Diagram. Any help would be great appreciated.

What I have so far is:

Each course has a ID Code, title, is taken by one or more students and is taught by one or more lecturers.

Each course has none or more tutorial groups.

A tutorial group has one or more students and only one tutor.

Tutors are members of staff with a status of full-time/part-time.

Each student has a unique matriculation number, a name and email address.

Each student has an assessment for each course they take consisting of an exam mark in the range 0-100 and a practical mark in range 0-20.

Lecturers have a photocopy budget and all lecturers are a member of staff with a unique staff number, a name and a status(e.g Research assistant).

All staff members have one manager who is also a member of staff.


ID Code

Matriculation Number

Staff Number
Photocopy Budget



I know I have missed things out/put entities in the wrong place therefore any help would be great.

I would recommend adding a tutorial group entity and a student assessment entity. I would remove the name attribute from the lecturer entity and add it to the staff entity. Lastly I would add a staff id attribute to the lecturer and tutor entities.

After making those changes, a few more things would need to be cleaned up, but hopefully you can see the direction I am going and make more changes as needed.