This could be a stupid question but I’ll ask it anyways.

I used “MySQL Migration Toolkit 1.0 to convert MS Access to MySQL and the process completed fine, but now my problem is finding where my converted database is saved to.

If anyone has any ideas I’d love hear them :cheesy:


The new version of MySQL migration toolkit released (version 1.0.7)
it migrates your tables into your information_schema database which contains information and metadata of other DBs.

I'm sorry but I'm a new to this and I didn't understand a word you said.

Sorry but can you translate that into "stupid" for me.


if you use SHOW DATABASES query in MySQL, you will see your database names. one of them is: information_schema
if you use Information_schema database, and use SHOW TABLES; you will see some tables, if you query these tables, your migrated tables are within them.


hello! i'm new to this forum. i read your question. here is one solution.
if you have the download manager, open it and go to the file with which you have saved and go to the properties. then you can get the relative path where you have stored the tool.

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