Hi Everyone,

I am interested in finding out how to "Create an Online Database with a Monthly Activity Report", more specifically:

1) User would register with us, assigned password (or they choose)
2) User would log-in into a section of the site
3) User would download file


2) User would be required to log-in before downloading individual files, approximately 250-500 separate files.

GOAL: To track which users logged in and what they have download, and how many times,"An Activity Report", while the contact information is placed in an Excel Document (or similar).

We are estimating approximately 500-1000 Users.

How would I create a database that would suit these needs or is there a Third Party Software/Company that can develop this. I would like to integrate this into the current site, which is constructed with : CSS, JS, XML, HTML.

Please let me know... Greatly appreciated for any responses or direction.

What about posting what is the basic design that you have come up with, later experts can share their views on the same.