Hello, I'm getting from an application log the following query:

select * from lxRO_4606b095 where lxToLat=:va and lxToId=:vb and lxType in (:vc,:vd,:ve,:vf,:vg,:vh)

the problem is that this does not work in Oracle, there seems to be a problem with variable substitution.

Is there a way to perform this substitution without much copy/paste work?? is there some option within oracle that would make it understand the query as it is??
obviously this is a query I'd repeat many time with different variable values, from different tables and using a different number of parameters, so I'd really appreciate if there was a way to do this.

Thanks in advance

I don't know what context or within what type of environment you are trying this but I have code which defines variables like this: (See below) Try this and see if it works.

define &1 
define &2
define &3 
define &4 
define &5 
define &6 
define &7 
define &8 
select * from lxRO_4606b095 where lxToLat=&1  and lxToId=&2 and lxType in (&3 ,&4,&5 ,&6 ,&7 ,&8 )