I have created a Database with some related tables say Customer and order and they are joined with the CustID i have created the main form and the subform and linked them together.

My problem is if i say put in the key where they are joined for the 1st time its appearing on the subform (which is good) and is picking up the other linked fields BUT when i open the actual table (for the subform) they are no records in there.

The other things i m trying is to search a fields for duplicates using wildcards without specifying or pre-defining the text say like *ons* etc but because i dont know the names @ hand and i want say if they are mispelled drug names to be flashed as possible dupes and they will then be sorted manually - is it possible to achieve??

any help will be greatly appreciated

If you have linked the form and subform using the Link Child and Master field properties (see attachment) then you should not be setting the Id in the child form, it will be populated automatically for you from the Master.

For the second problem you are better to set up valid drug names in a table, then change the input text box to a combo box that retrieves its list from that table. Set the LimitToList property to True. That way they will not be able to input invalid drug names.