I face the below error message, when I attempt to mount an Access database
"Microsoft Access has detected corruption in this file. To try to repair the corruption, first make a backup copy of the file. Then, on the Tools menu, point to Database Utilities and click Compact and Repair Database. If you are currently trying to repair this corruption then you will need to recreate this file or restore it from a previous backup."

What can I do resolve the error?

My first suggestion is to go to make a backup of the database and then go to Tools (from the menu bar), Database Utilities and select Compact and Repair Database.

If that doesn't work, then I would recommend creating a new blank database and importing all the objects into the empty database and see if that works.

To resolve the above error message and access the data stored in the database, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Create a blank database = “C:\ Recover_db.mdb”
2. Close and exit.
3. Create another blank database and navigate to Modules Tab
4. Click on New and Paste the code provided below:

Dim db As DAO.Database

Set db = DAO.OpenDatabase("C:Corrupt_db.mdb")

Dim xtable As TableDef

For Each xtable In db.TableDefs

If Mid(xtable.Name, 1, 4) <> "MSys" Then

rSQL = "SELECT * INTO [" & xtable.Name & "] IN " & _

"'C:Recover_db.mdb'" & _

" FROM [" & xtable.Name & "]"

db.Execute rSQL

End If

Next xtable

MsgBox "Process Complete."

End Function

5. Go to Menu Tools, select References, and scroll down and Select "Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library"
6. Click OK
7. In Module Window Click on Recover_db() Function
8. Check database file names, after proper setup and press the F5 button
9. Tables and data from corrupt database is recovered to new database

Another way to resolve the problem (as stated in the error message) is by using an inbuilt repair utility known as “Compact and Repair.” However, if the inbuilt repair utility fails to repair the database, then you need to use advanced Access Repair application.

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