Im having a problem with this image uploading thing..:(
I was able to upload the image to a folder in the server,but the problem is I dont know how to set the path in the database.Every time after uploading I set the path manually.And I could be able to view the image as I want..But can someone help me to save the path in the database automatically after uploading it..

Thanks alot.

Not sure I am understanding exaclty what your wanting, but when I add images to a database, I only add the name of thee image. Example:


Then let my coding pull the image name and display it using the query.

yaaa if we add the image name as you said dog.jpg to the database it will nicely display..Problem is how to add that name to the db..I just did it manually typing in phpmysql.But there should be a way to do that using a code right?? Im asking that?? If you can help me please.I searched everywhere but could not find a proper solution..:(

Well not too familiar yet with PHP, but I use coldfusion and create an update/insert query template to insert records to the database. However I still have to manually enter the data, but it keeps my database safe and secure so erroneous data cant be entered. Sorry I'm not more help. I really dont know of a way to add multiple records at once to a db other than using text files or such. Not saying there isnt a way, just I'm not good enough to do it...lol

I've learned in programming that if it cant be thought of, usually there is a way to do it. Keep searching. Also, try going to different PHP and programming forums. Good luck!