I'M reading the book "Simply SQL" and I need to use the files for the book. It was suggested to be to use postgreSQL and now I've got it up and running on my Ubuntu machine. But I'M having a little bit of trouble getting started. When I first start postgre I have to click on mydb database to the left and then right-click on connected to the right and click connect. Once I've done this I was told I need to click on the icon that looks like a little piece of paper that says SQL on it and a pencil writing on it, so tha'st what I've done. Once I click on that and select the directory for the sql files for the book I have to open them one at a time and there are 50. The problem is, how do I know they've been loaded into my database and will be there next time I start postgresql? Where can I see them? Thanks.

You should have command line tools that you can use to examine the database. Look in the bin directory of the PostgreSQL installation location. There is also a doc directory there.