hi now a days im doig sql n im using oracle 9i for this.
now a days my instructor teaching me about select command but im not able to use it on oracle 9i because i didn't create anything, so please can any body tell me that am i going in right way.
are there some tables present in oracle 9i by default for practice.
if not can any body tell me how i create directly just for practice select statement because i will learn create command later.
please help me.

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There will be a DEMOBUILD.SQL file in oracle parent folder .
Run the script that will create some default tables for you.


thanks for showing ur interest
but i m still in problem in my system at location
there are two text files named demobld and demodrop. are u talking about these, if yes then please tell me what exactly to do.
otherwise please tell me the exact location, my directory structure u can can analyze easily by using above mentioned.
please help me.
thanks once again.

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