Hello friends

Actually i need a small help.
I have 2 enviornment with 2 different databases .one is development and one is testing. All development and design work is done in Development work and once in a week we take database dump from development to testing enviornment

Actually the procedure i m following right now to import a dump is quite tedious wherin i delete the users (for which the data needs to be updated),create a new one and import data from the dump.

Is there no other way where the data can be appended to the table from the dump file

pls help me so that my work is reduced

I don't know what platform you are using, but doing an update of this type is easy on the Linux systems that I work with. I simply copy over all the files from the current database and replace the old database files with them. As soon as the data is replaced and a new query hits the system, the new data is already there. This makes quick backups and restores a breeze. I simple create a backup folder, copy all the files there, make my tests, and restore the data in seconds if an unexpected event corrupted the data.

I only find using the dumps to be helpful if I'm porting to different databasing systems (from mySQL to MSSQL for example).