hello everybody,
i'm new to this forum. i've a small problem after migration process of my sql server sample database to mysql server. if anybody are aware of this problem please let me know the appropriate solution.
i have downloaded the MySQL migration tool kit
from the mirror site and also tried to migrate the sample database "pubs" from SQL server
2000 to MySQL. The toolkit displayed that the migrated completed successfully.
But, the problem is that the database appeared on the destination database
server but the tables and views what i migrated, does not appear. does i need to modify or
execute any other files?
i also referred to the help provided by the migration tool kit. but no result.

please anybody help me reagarding this issue.

thanking you,

I don't believe (last I checked) that the tool actually migrates data along with structure. You may consider Navicat or Dezine for Databases to do the migration. By hand would almost be easier unless you have a spank of tables and relationships.