M'soft sites documented that


should fetch the n number of message from the specified queue. I am having problem with this, and do not know why because not much resource is available pertaining this. Tried finding for an answer on Klaus Aschenbrenner's book, failed.

i) I created the queue in very straight forward script


.Did i miss any arguements on the queue creation?

ii) Is there any database properties i need to check?

Thank you guys, I still new to Service Broker, any help will be appreciated.


Looks like there is no help on this issue. Any comment will be appreciated. TQ.

Hi guys,
As the pressure for dateline mounted, i had to design a fast solution using the SSBS. There aren't much resources, or otherwise meaningful unless someone understood the SSBS concept. This seems very specialized area of skill-set. I referred to Klaus Aschenbrenner's book for solution implementation.

As solution already designed, this issue of fetching many message (code as below) became an issue.

RECEIVE TOP (10) message_body FROM Target

Could only fetch single message each time. Therefore posted here for some help. At the same time, i revised the SSBS concept again to analyze the problem. As for my findings:
1. Each conversation_handle was different ( because i instantiated different conversation for each message) in my TargetQueue
2. RECEIVE TOP(n) only returns messages belonging to the same conversation_handle only if specified in TOP clause.

Someone please verify this finding to be true, so that it can help me solving my problem and be a help to other as well.

Thank you.