hey friends...i request you all to pls help me out...im damn confused...

im planning to make a website by March,2011 in which i will be using HTML/JSP and Mysql as d/b. however, i have a few doubts abt. Mysql....

1) on the mysql site, there are many packages available to download. which one should i d/l. im using windows 7 and netbeans IDE?

2) im confused whether i should use only the essentials package or the complete package ? wats d difference between both as far as query processing time is considered. my web application needs lowest query response time.

3) any tutorial site covering all the queries of Mysql....???

4) is there any other d/b that i should use instead of Mysql ? im not willing to invest any money since im a student and i have previusly worked on oracle and sql.

thanx a lot in advance.

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1) Choose the package for your SERVER's operating system.
2) Regarding processing time, there is no difference as far as I know. Use MyISAM tables for optimum speed and InnoDB for relational integrity (foreign keys).
3) The Mysql manual on their site is fairly complete regarding "all the queries." For a start see http://www.webdevelopersnotes.com/tutorials/sql/mysql_primer_creating_a_database.php3 which seems to be a decent primer.
4) Mysql is in my opinion the best for website programming. Very stable and performant. Get HeidiSQL or Navicat as a development interface.

@ smantscheff : thanx a lot friend...!!!
if i use a development interface, will it have less query response time as compared to normal installer packages. and can i use the MYSQL GUI workbench packages instead of HeidiSQL or Navicat ?


Last time I tried the workbench it was for database administration (DDL) only, not for data input and editing. Heidi and Navicat are far beyond.
Don't worry about query time in development. MySQL is quite performant.

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