i have found a few ways on the internet to import an excel sheet into mysql. one of which is save to a csv and upload to a site which creates the sql statements and this is great and i have used in past. however my problem is i have a sheet which the columns are not in the way i need them to be for the database.

normally i would go through and format the first row to the table column names however this is different.

i have for example in the excel sheet "Name" which contains the full name if the person. in the database it is 2 columns. "firstname" and "lastname". also this is the same for the address. the excel shee has address all in one column yet the databas application has it "number", "street", "city", "zip".

what i was wondering is, does anyone know if there is a tool that will allow me to specify how to break the data in the excel sheet up to match the columns in the database or someway in excel without actually cutting and pasting through thousands of records?

any help greatly appreciated as desperate to get this data across for a client.

many thanks