I have a software package for monitoring warehouse transactions. I have a need to share information across many users in several different locations.I don't want to network the pc's i can't afford that. i however notice that putting the information online saves a lot of cost for me. I have also noticed the software uses a MSSQl database with 8 databases and several tables.

my options?

i have considered the following.

1. I have considered sharing the information by putting it up on the internet but i need anyone who can recommended the best possible means. How can i export the information to the internet is it possible to bulk copy the whole database and put it online on a mysql database...(noting that i would have to regularly update the database as the program is updated like creating triggers that transfer data on update)

2. isn't it possible to access the program directly by connecting to the pc with its IP address.and then forget about the first suggestion entirely.

what other options do you suggest?

You should be able to export your current database on your local machine as a CVS file, then import that into the other database on the server. I'm sure there's free software out there to handle this.