I would like to create a Player database and link this to my website game how do I do this and what is the best application to create this in?

Thanks in advance.

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This would be player information ie club names date of birth,
General attributes, player name, position etc


Sports team? Lots of examples.

1 Team (pk TeamId)
2 Player (pk PlayerId)
3 Player/Team (pk is from fk's TeamId and PlayerId plus a date, assuming you want that over time)
4 PlayerAttributeType (pk PlayerAttributeTypeId, instances include personal and position attribute types: height, weight, DOB, favorite color, etc.)
5 Player/PlayerAttributeType (pk is from fk's PlayerId, PlayerAttributeTypeId, date)
You could even go down another level and have a Player/PlayerAttributeType/Team entity, depending on if the player had different attributes for different teams (Look at American baseball players such as Russell Martin or Johnny Damon...different positions for different teams for different seasons).
Might be too vague (sorry, no picture).

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