Hi all,
This is ridiculous they teach so much at uni except what you need to know to program :-/ haha.
This is actually gonna be a 2 part question but I'll do it one at a time.
So I'm developing a small program for a company, this company has a server that runs sql server, what do I have to do so that this program when run on any work computer connects to the server and is able to retrieve information?
I have had a look around an it seems that for every computer on the network I have to create login details, so that the connection string contains the SPII value, or is it possible to create one login on the server that i can pass in the connection string and that allows it to connect?
Sorry my questions a bit rough, because I am trying to work out how that would work.

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Oh ok, so on an M$ SMS if i create a single account for logging onto database, then that single account is good enough to manage all the connections, from multiple computers running the program that needs to connect to the same databsae?

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