We got an assignment to host a website, our members must be kept in a mySQL database. I honestly have no idea where to start. If you could just help me with the basics steps. Ill research the details myself.

Here's what I've done so far.
1.I downloaded and installed mySQL.
2.I created a database.
3.I downloaded and installed php
4.I have java and netbeans set-up and can code in java

Where do I go from here. How can I display content in the database in a web browser?
Like I said, no need to provide code or anything just give me the big picture.


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Im not sure how much help I can be since I am a .NET developer so I'm not sure how to explain this in php if that is in fact what your starting off in (which is not a bad thing either).
But what values are you wanting to appear from your database on a website? You can use data bound controls like drop down lists/combo boxes to let the user select from a dynamic list of employees, products, etc. I know that in ASP.NET you can use things like gridview and data grid controls that will show data based on a SQL query or stored procedure and PHP has equivalents to these. As far as getting data in to the database in PHP from what little I know is to simply create an HTML page with a form on it, post it to a PHP file that will handle the processing on the server side and can submit the data to to the database from there.

Sites like Amazon, Facebook, Best Buy, etc use server languages like ASP.NET, PHP, and Ruby on Rails to display their data on the web. Also, you must have at least a basic understanding of HTML to even get started.

If you haven't yet, I would look at the PHP tutorial at w3schools.com

Sorry, forgot to mention. Can do html as well.
Lets say I have a simple table with Firstname and surname in it. I will then create a html page with a form. This will run from client side. After the form posted to a php script on the server side, the php script will be able to send a Firstname and Lastname to the html file?

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