Does anyone know how to connect to an MSSQL View in syntax. If you know please right back asap. I need this project done quick.

And another thing i am connect to MSSQL using PHP but dont worry if you know how to connect to the syntax way that would be great.

FROM vuBusiness_Licenses_Web_Engine

I tried connecting to it like this. The say way you would connect to a table ,but didnt work all that great is. So i need a way other then this one.


I found out how exectly to connect to an mssql database or a view off of the mssql database. When connecting to a view you must place in all the column names that you are connecting too. If you do not do this it will select or query all no matter if you are searching for a specific name or whatever. After you do this u can connect to the view instead of table by just replacing the name of the table in your code to the name of the view. If you want to still connect to the table but replace the name with a name that you like. Just use the AS command between the column name of the table to the name u like.