I want to create a website with huge amount of tagged data. Which kind of database I can use ? Also I want that data to be searcable through specific tags at user end.
Can anyone guide me for the same.


Your request is too vague. More information is needed before a meaningful answer can be framed.

You can use any kind of database. You just have to design your table structure correctly. Also, what do you mean by "huge"? Are we talking terabytes or petabytes? Billions of rows? Thousands or tens of thousands of tables? That's huge. Is your database "search only" or is it expected to support user updates? Do you want to avoid spending money? There are DBMS's that are free like mySQL and PostgreSql. Others that cost a lot like Oracle or Teradata. Others that are "midrange" like MSSQL. Do you have your own hardware/datacenter? Is your site Hosted? Desktop machine in the broom closet? How many users do you expect to be accessing your data? How often? What's your connectivity speed? Bandwidth? Et cetera, et cetera.