Okay here's where I am at currently...

Personal Profile ---One-to-Many--> Receipt Totals ------> Service Performed

The personal profile & receipt totals are connected via Customer ID while the Receipt totals and the Service Performed are connected via Receipt ID

I have them all together and they work just fine. I had it set up like this so that I could add in as many services to that one receipt as needed (anywhere from 1 - 10 items could have been chosen for just one receipt)

Now under receipt I have 4 items...
-Receipt ID
-Total Cost
-Customer ID

And my Service Performed:
-Receipt ID
-Service Performed

I want to be able to add up the costs for each receipt (note: cost is under service performed), and place the value in "Total Cost" I thought a Sum function could do this but it gives me an #error message.

Here's my current expression attempt in the form (this is placed in the Total Cost):

=Sum([Service Performed subform].Form!Cost+[Service Performed subform].Form!Cost)

Maybe you guys have ideas? If you need more info, please let me know!

Thanks a ton and I appreciate it!!

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