I have 10 tuples in my table.And now I create another field of serial number.For all tuples, the field of serial number contain null values.
is there any way to numbering all the tuples from 1 to 10 at once.

Any answer could be appreciated......

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Thank you for responding to my thread............

Yes, of course.But If I have more number of distinct tuples, it is somewhat difficult to identify each and every field.So I want "Is there any command to operate it?"

Here is another way for you to understand my question.....

I have 100 employees list with attributes name, id, salary. Now I want to create another field name serial number, in order to numbering them from 1 to 100; I should have to identify each one and then I will assign numbers.
But Is there any command which assigns numbers serially from 1 to cardinality.
( I listened about auto_increament, but I don't think so it is useful here)..

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