Does postgreSQL-IE perform indexing before searching for IMAGE data type?
I am developing a CBIR system for social media. i have xml files of about 1 million flickr images. if i get to know of a DBMS supporting indexing on searches my work would become alot easier. kindly help me if any1 has an idea

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Indexing is in postgres, but I would not set an index on the image column itself, rather on it's name. Why would you want an index on the image itself ?

Actually i have the precomputed low level features of flickr images in xml files. now i need to store then in a DBMS so that i can perform an efficient search on them on the basis of their low level features. it would work this way:
-> the user would upload an image
-> its low level Mpeg-7 features will be computed
-> those features will be compared with the features of other images using distance function etc and similar images would then be listed
->smart n efficient search is what i want

If I had to do this, I'd use separate table columns for your low level features, so they can be used by your distance function. This would also make it easy to search for a particular feature, should you want to.

i'd b really thankful if u could explain it a bit more coz i need an efficient search

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