Good day. I'm new here and I'm nt sure this post should belong in here or not.

I had done my programming on the virtual machine while having mysql database set up in my PC. I was unable to get the data from my PC unless I installed another database server in the virtual machine itself.

Is it possible for me to change to localhost of the database to a shared server?
I'm currently using MySQL 5.5.

Thanks in advanced.

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In order to access from the virtual server you need to change a setting on the database config file. Search for my.cnf and change this line:

bind-address =

Set the ethernet IP of the host machine. By default MySQL listens only on localhost. When you done restart MySQL server and it should work.

I can't find the my.cnf file and i do look into my.ini file, it doesn't have the bind address line.

Thanks cereal for all those reply. I had get the problem solved by creating new server instance :)

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